High School

Gifted students at the high school level receive services via the resource-cluster program in their neighborhood school and/or may choose to apply to the Governor’s School for the Arts and/or to the Governor’s Summer Residential program.

High School Resource-Cluster Program

High SchoolThe high school gifted program provides an on-site gifted resource teacher who develops and implements educational services to students through direct teaching of seminar courses and collaborative work with teachers, administrators and parents in the school. These services provide resources, support, guidance, specialized curricula and instructional strategies, as well as whole group and small group instruction. Carefully planned curricula provide experiences that extend the regular education curriculum to meet the specific learning needs evidenced by gifted students who have demonstrated mastery of skills through pre-assessment activities.

For the most recent listing of Gifted Program Credit Courses, please see the Gifted Education section of the current Student Guide for High School Students.

Governor's School for the Arts
Students in grades nine through 12 are eligible to attend the Governor's School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia. Students must complete an application and audition for the intensive programs in dance, music, musical theatre, theatre and visual arts. The applications are available from the school all year and the adjudication process takes place in January.

Students take academic classes at their regular high schools in the morning and attend the Governor’s School for the Arts for three hours every afternoon during the regular school year. For each year they attend, students may earn three credits.

Students in Virginia Beach City Public Schools are identified as gifted in the visual and performing arts upon acceptance to the Governor's School for the Arts.

Governor's Summer Residential Programs

Summer Residential Governor’s Schools provide gifted high school juniors and seniors with intensive educational experiences in agriculture, foreign languages, the humanities, life science and medicine, mathematics, science, and technology or the visual and performing arts. Students also may consider a mentorship experience in engineering or marine science.

Any tenth- or eleventh-grade student meeting the requirements may apply for the Summer Residential Governor’s Schools. Applications are made available in October. Applications may be obtained online at the website above. Based on the September 30 student enrollment, each school division has a specific number of nominations it may send to the Virginia Department of Education.

Nominations may be made by teachers, guidance counselors, peers, or by the students themselves. A VBCPS selection committee forwards the nominees to a state selection committee. Consideration is given to students’ academic records, test scores, extra-curricular activities, honors and awards, creativity, original essays and teacher recommendations.

Students applying for the Visual and Performing Arts Summer Residential Governor’s School program must participate in the local audition, usually held late in November, in order to be considered for possible nomination from VBCPS. Nominated students participate in a statewide adjudication in early January. Students join with other Virginia school districts and audition or present portfolios for review before professionals in the specific arts field. Students are notified of their acceptance status for all summer programs in April of each year.