Elementary School

ElementaryGifted students at the elementary level may choose to apply to the full-time gifted elementary program at Old Donation School, to a pull-out program for dance and/or visual arts, or to remain in their neighborhood school and receive services via the resource-cluster program.

Kindergarten and First Grade Services

Kindergarten and first grade students are provided gifted teaching and learning through whole group and small group lessons by the gifted resource teacher, and through differentiated teaching and learning developed by the classroom teacher in collaboration with the gifted resource teacher. All gifted resource lessons are based on the Virginia Beach City Public Schools regular education curriculum but are differentiated to increase the level of challenge for students.

All first grade VBCPS students are screened for gifted program services. With parent/guardian permission for continued assessment, students who score at the 90th percentile or higher on the screening instrument are referred for additional testing. All students referred for testing are reviewed by the Gifted Identification and Placement Committee.

Fifth-Grade Screening

All fifth-grade students enrolled in VBCPS will be screened in the classroom of their neighborhood school in September or October to ensure consideration for gifted program services. Fifth-grade students who are not currently identified for gifted services and who score at the 90th percentile or above on the screening instrument will be referred for additional testing to determine eligibility for gifted services.

Resource-Cluster Model

The resource-cluster program is grounded in general education curriculum but is differentiated, modified and expanded to provide learning challenges. Identified gifted students in grades two through five are placed in heterogeneous classrooms, in groups of six to eight, and are taught by a cluster teacher trained in gifted education at their neighborhood school. A resource teacher, endorsed in gifted education, assists the cluster teacher in delivering instruction. Students are required to demonstrate mastery of the state-mandated Standards of Learning and their instruction is differentiated to meet their intellectual needs.

Gifted Dance Education Program

The Gifted Dance Education Program is a pull-out model for identified students in grades three through eight and is housed at Old Donation School. Admission into the program is determined through an application process. Dance students are presented a comprehensive curriculum which emphasizes the areas of concepts and skill development, dance history and appreciation and creativity.

Gifted Visual Arts Program

Identified third through fifth grade students may participate in the Gifted Visual Arts Program housed at Old Donation School. Admission into this one day per week pull-out program is determined through an application and audition process. Instruction in the program challenges students gifted in the visual arts. The curriculum integrates art history, criticism, aesthetic perception, creativity, theory and skill development, as well as components from the core curriculum of knowledge.

Old Donation School

Old Donation School is a centralized, full-time, gifted school serving identified students in grades two through eight. Admission is application based and requires that students meet the criteria for gifted identification in VBCPS.

The curriculum includes all school district learning objectives, the Virginia Standards of Learning and expands and extends the curriculum specifically to meet the needs of the gifted learner. The curriculum is designed using methods and resources for developing the abilities of gifted learners.

Extra-curricular activities include options such as yearbook, student newspaper, SCA and other clubs in which students have special interest.