Exceptional Learners


Case managers for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) will contact parents to communicate the need to create Distance Learning Plans for the remainder of the school year for students with disabilities and obtain parental input without holding a meeting. Individualized Education Programs will be reviewed to consider what goals can be taught through distance learning and on which data can be collected; what accommodations are necessary to access distance learning; and what special education and related services can be provided through distance learning to address a student’s unique needs and ensure access to the curriculum. The Distance Learning Plan and Prior Written Notice (PWN) will be emailed to the parent. The parent may respond to the email attaching a signed copy of the document, a picture of the signed document, or an email indicating whether they consent to the proposed Distance Learning Plan. If a parent requests a meeting, the case manager will work with the parent to select a date and time for the IEP team to convene via phone or video conference.

Special education teachers will co-plan with general education teachers and support students with disabilities by specially designing instruction and activities/assignments and providing accommodations as outlined in the Distance Learning Plans for students with IEPs. Special education teachers serving students in Early Childhood Special Education classrooms, Adapted Academic Foundations classrooms, Functional Academic Foundations classrooms, and Cross-Categorical classrooms will specially design instruction based on the IEP goals being addressed through distance learning and provide accommodations and services as outlined in the Distance Learning Plans.

Provision of free appropriate public education may include, as appropriate, special education and related services provided through distance instruction virtually, online, or telephonically. Hard copies of assignments can be provided based on student need.


As the division transitions from Continuity of Learning to the Emergency Learning Plan, parents should contact their school’s Section 504 Administrator/Section 504 Coordinator if they have questions. If there are accommodations that need to be reviewed/adjusted, a Section 504 plan update meeting should be held (virtually, etc.) to address the student’s needs. Section 504 timelines should be maintained to include Section 504 re-evaluations and Section 504 update meetings.


English learners will continue to receive support from their English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher so that they may readily access instruction, learning activities, and resources. ESL teachers will provide small group instruction and reach out to individual students, as needed. English learners and their families should reach out to the student’s ESL teacher and classroom teachers if they have questions or need assistance with instruction.