Middle Schools

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Bayside Middle
Opening Date: 1970
First Principal: William D. Gilliam
Interesting Facts: Unlike many traditional single-unit structures, Bayside Middle consists of five distinct and separate units connected by breezeways.

Bayside Middle was completed in 1969 and opened in 1970 originally as Bayside Junior High. The superintendent at the time was Dr. E.E. Brickell. Beginning the 2014-2015 school year, a separate school for Bayside Middle sixth graders, the Bayside Sixth Grade Campus, was established at 4722 Jericho Road. Bayside Middle seventh and eighth graders continue to attend classes at the building located on Newtown Road.

Brandon Middle
Opening Date: 1978
First Principal: Charles A. Atkinson
Interesting Facts: In the early 1980's, Brandon Middle was the second largest public school in the state, behind only Green Run High.

Brandon Middle opened as Brandon Junior High in August 1978 with Charles A. Atkinson as the first principal. As with Brandon Middle, the opening of other middle schools reduced overcrowding due to a tremendous growth period in the 70's and 80's.

Corporate Landing Middle
Opening Date: 1997
First Principal: Edith Eidson
Interesting Facts: Over 35 percent of Corporate Landing Middle School students have a member serving in the military.

Corporate Landing Middle opened in 1997, serving students in grades six through eight to alleviate overcrowding in the southern section of Virginia Beach. The school also serves as the middle school campus for deaf and hearing impaired students.

Great Neck Middle
Opening Date: 1983
First Principal: Frank Peele
Interesting Facts: The design for the original building was taken from a Norfolk public school – Azalea Gardens Junior High.

The original Great Neck Middle building opened in 1961 and was named after Frank W. Cox, a former superintendent of Virginia Beach City Public Schools. Great Neck Middle served as Frank W. Cox High from 1961 until 1983 (22 years). The original plans for Great Neck Middle called for the school to be named Northeast Junior High, which reflected the geographic location of the school in relation to the city of Virginia Beach. But due to the immediate need of a high school, the new building was named Frank W. Cox High instead.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the new Great Neck Middle building, at a cost of $46.5 million was held Oct. 5, 2009. The new Great Neck Middle opened its doors in January 2012.

Independence Middle
Opening Date: 1974
First Principal: Lottie Waters
Interesting Facts: Independence Middle is one of three schools with identical floor plans which were completed in 1974.

Independence Middle opened its doors to students in September 1974 as a junior high, serving students in grades six through eight. This was the year that Virginia Beach City Public Schools achieved the long-sought-after goal of removing eighth and ninth grade students from the high schools.

Kempsville Middle
Opening Date: 1969
First Principal: Charles Perkinson
Interesting Facts:

Kempsville Middle opened in September 1969 as a junior high. The school was dedicated April 12, 1970, with Senator Harry F. Byrd, Jr. as the speaker. The school originally housed 1,400 eighth and ninth grade students from the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach.

Spigel, Carter, Zinkl, and Herman designed the school and it was constructed by Conrad Brothers, Inc.

Landstown Middle
Opening Date: 1992
First Principal: George McGovern
Interesting Facts: Landstown is a unique physical structure in that it is the only school that is conjoined with an elementary school. The two schools share one cafeteria that serves both the elementary and middle school students breakfast and lunch.

Construction began on the combined Landstown Middle School/Landstown Elementary School in early 1991 and the school opened in the fall of 1992.

Landstown Middle School, "Home of the Lancers," has a capacity of over 1,500 students. It is a two-story building with each grade level in a separate wing and most exploratory classes in the fourth wing. The school is host of a Spanish-Immersion program where core classes are taught in Spanish.

Larkspur Middle
Opening Date: 1994
First Principal: John Sutherland
Interesting Facts: Larkspur Middle is the largest middle school in Virginia Beach.

Larkspur Middle opened in November 1994 with an enrollment of almost 2,000 students. Currently, over 1,600 students attend Larkspur Middle. The school was carefully designed to be able to fully implement the “school-within-a-school,” middle school philosophy and organization. The school's design permits for each grade level to be self-contained on its own hallway with offices for a school counselor and assistant principal. A separate group of exploratory and physical education teachers in another part of the building compliment the core program at Larskpur.

Lynnhaven Middle
Opening Date: 1974
First Principal: Bernard E. Morgan III
Interesting Facts:

Lynnhaven Middle, designed for 1,400 students, opened in September 1974, with an enrollment of over 1,700 students. Two-session scheduling was necessary to reduce severe overcrowding in providing for the large enrollment. The 140,000 square foot physical plant sits on a 25-acre site just off Old Donation Parkway in close proximity to Virginia Beach General Hospital. Lynnhaven Middle currently serves approximately 1,200 students in grades six through eight.

Plaza Middle
Opening Date: 1969
First Principal: J. J. Owens
Interesting Facts: The planetarium is an exciting feature at Plaza Middle. It provides the focal point for the mathematics and science wing of the school. Students can study the expanding universe or investigate the discoveries of forgotten eras as skies of the past, present or future are projected upon a forty foot dome.

Plaza Middle opened in 1969 as a junior high. At the time it was a modern, state of the art edifice.

Plaza Middle is home to an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Academy Program (IB MYP). This program was launched in 2002 and classified as an Advanced Academic Program at the Beach in 2007.

Princess Anne Middle
Opening Date: 1974
First Principal: George B. Shields
Interesting Facts:

Princess Anne Middle opened in September 1974 as a junior high.

Salem Middle
Opening Date: 1988
First Principal: Julius C. Wooten
Interesting Facts:

Salem Middle is built on a 34-acre site. Funding for the school began in 1983 by the School Board and City Council and was completed in 1987. Salem Middle opened in September of 1988 as a junior high, housing grades seven through nine. At that time, enrollment reached 1,650 students.

The school was dedicated Dec. 8, 1988. In the fall of 1993, Salem Junior High adopted the middle school concept, housing grades six through eight. Renovations to Salem Middle were completed during the summers of 1999, 2000, 2004, 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Virginia Beach Middle
Opening Date: 1952
First Principal:
Interesting Facts:

Virginia Beach Junior High was built in 1951-1952 and was originally named Virginia Beach High. When it first opened, it included grades five through 12 with an enrollment of about 500 students. In 1966, when First Colonial High opened, Virginia Beach High became Virginia Beach Junior High. In 1992, it became Virginia Beach Middle School. Enrollment peaked in the early seventies to approximately 1,250-1,300 students which resulted in two sessions.

Since 1952, several additions have been built. In 1963, an entire wing (100 hall) was built and extensions were added to the 200 hall, 300 hall and the cafeteria. During the 1976-1977 school year, a new gym and two new health rooms were added and the wrestling room, library, administrative areas and food preparation facilities were enlarged. In 1982, renovation of the home economics laboratory was completed.

A ground breaking was held, Feb 7, 2008, to build a new 190,000 square foot building. The building was designed by HBA Architecture & Interior Design and contracted by McKenzie Construction Corporation.

The new Virginia Beach Middle School opened in spring 2010.