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Landstown Elementary
Opening Date: 1993
First Principal: Shirley Barco
Interesting Facts: Landstown is the only school that is conjoined with a middle school.

Landstown Elementary, "Home of the Dolphins" is one of the largest elementary schools in Virginia Beach. The neighborhoods served by the school are Buckner Farms, Buckner Woods, Cameron Crossing, Dam Neck Cove, Rock Creek, Green Run, Landstown Lakes, Pelican Watch and Salem Village. The school is a two-story building that was built in 1993 equipped with state-of-the-art materials and technology. Through the years, the school's enrollment has continued to steadily rise as a result of the many homes built in the area.

Linkhorn Park Elementary
Opening Date: 1955
First Principal: Willard Pendleton
Interesting Facts:

Linkhorn Park Elementary, located about a 1/4 mile east of the Hilltop section in Virginia Beach opened for the 1955-1956 school year with an enrollment of approximately 600 students. During its first year, Linkhorn Park Elementary served students in grades one through eight. Since then, Linkhorn has grown considerably, reaching a peak in 1961 with an enrollment of 1,150 students. In 1967, an addition was made to the Linkhorn Park library and the PTA helped supply books, materials and equipment.

The ground breaking ceremony was held for the construction of a new school, March 12, 1997, located on First Colonial Road near Virginia Beach General Hospital. The building was dedicated Dec. 7, 1999. Linkhorn Park Elementary is organized as a square floor plan with three clustered classroom wings housing 30 general classrooms, special education classrooms, teacher’s workrooms and various service facilities.

Luxford Elementary
Opening Date:
First Principal: Willard Pendleton
Interesting Facts: Louise Luxford Elementary was the last school named after a prominent individual in the local field of education.

In May 1955, real estate developer, John Aragona, started his first housing complex, Aragona Village. As the area was primarily undeveloped, this large housing area created an immediate public educational need. In 1961, 3200 single family dwellings had been completed in Aragona Village, and the existing Aragona Elementary housed 2,500 elementary children attending a split session. In 1961 Princess Anne County purchased half of the 12.7 acres that comprise the site occupied by Louise Luxford Elementary with William Oliver, a local farmer, donating the other half. The construction of this school began to ease the over crowdedness of the Aragona Village area.

The namesake of the school, Louise Luxford, was born and reared in Pungo, Virginia Beach. She was the daughter of the late Dr. Thomas Booker Luxford and Meta Moore Luxford. She graduated from Maury High and received a bachelor's of science from Madison College and a master's in art from the University of Virginia. While attending Madison College, she was initiated into Kappa Delta Pi and shortly after her teaching career began she was initiated into Delta Kappa Gamma. She served as an elementary and secondary teacher, elementary principal, supervisor of elementary schools and director of instructional personnel for the Virginia Beach City School system. She also held a life membership in the Princess Anne Historical Society and was a member of and treasurer of St. John's Baptist Church.

Luxford was a stalwart in education for over 44 years and knew the field of education in Virginia Beach as few leaders will ever know it for she had the advantage of 'growing up' in the area. Education was her life and she served in the capacity of teacher, principal, elementary school supervisor and director of personnel for Princess Anne County Elementary Schools.

In July 2000, construction of a new school, with a total budget of $7,776,659 began and was compleed in 2002.

Lynnhaven Elementary
Opening Date: 1963
First Principal: Stuart O. Chaplain
Interesting Facts:

In 1621, Adam Thoroughgood of King's Lynn, England sailed to America as an indentured servant. He remained in the Cape Henry area and became one of the first permanent residents of the future Princess Anne County. After completing his three-year indenture in 1624, he went back to England where he married Sarah Offley. Thoroughgood returned to America with Sarah and began to acquire land, west of what is now the Lynnhaven River. It was at this time that Thoroughgood named the Lynnhaven River after his homeland, King's Lynn. 'Haven' also became part of its name and meant "a safe place."

The name 'Lynnhaven' was also given to the village, which grew around the area near present day Virginia Beach Blvd. and N. Lynnhaven Rd. It was appropriate to name the village after the Lynnhaven River since it extended to this area. The area has continued to be referred to as the Lynnhaven area. Lynnhaven Elementary received its name from Lynnhaven, the area in which it is located. The school is on a tract on the original Lee Farm, which was reserved by developer John Aragona for the construction of a hospital. Due to the rapid population growth, the site was used for construction of a school rather than a hospital. Haycox Construction Company, following plans by the architects Walter and Britt, built Lynnhaven Elementary in 1963.

A ground breaking ceremony for this renovation of the original school was held June 18, 2002. The new school was dedicated on Nov. 9, 2004.

Malibu Elementary
Opening Date: 1962
First Principal: Ruth J. Bridges
Interesting Facts: When Malibu Elementary opened in 1962, the first-grade wing and the need for buses did not exist because the Kings Forest neighborhood had not been built.

September 1962, Malibu Elementary began its operation at the former Plaza Elementary. The building, now located at 3632 Edinburgh Drive, was first occupied in January 1963 with an enrollment of 316 students. Ruth J. Bridges was the first principal. The student body was known as the "Malibu Surfers" and school colors chosen were red and white. A surfer on a wave was designed as the logo.

In 1973, kindergarten was added. Peak enrollment was in 1974 when the membership rose to 1,050. The gymnasium was built in 1990.

A new school was dedicated on Nov. 21, 2003. In 2005, Malibu Elementary was selected as the top elementary school in the state for reading and awarded the Virginia State Reading Association Exemplary Reading Program Award.

New Castle Elementary
Opening Date: 1999
First Principal: Janet Duff
Interesting Facts:

New Castle Elementary opened in September 1999. Located in the southwestern section of Virginia Beach, the school serves the neighborhoods of Hillcrest Farms, Bellwood Estates, Bellwood Meadows, Newcastle, Adam’s Glen, Highland Parish, Highland Meadows, Highland Acres, Indian River Woods, Morgan’s Walke, River Oaks, Indian River Farm, Dewberry Farm, portions of Glenwood, Salem Lakes and Bentley Gate. New Castle’s Ecology Club participates in Oyster Farming as part of the Bay Restoration Project.

During the 2001-2002 school year, Future Dragons began an outreach program to children aged two through five. This ready-to-learn initiative helps over 100 children prepare for entrance into school at New Castle Elementary.

Newtown Elementary (named changed May 2007)
Opening Date: 1970
First Principal: Dan Lovelace
Interesting Facts:

Newtown Road Elementary opened in 1970 and originally housed grades one through seven. It was built on 12.4 acres in the Northwest section of Virginia Beach.

The school, originally housing students in grades one through seven, presently serves second and third grades. A ground breaking ceremony was held June 29, 2006, to begin construction of a new school and the building was dedicated on June 4, 2008.

Newtown, Diamond Springs and Bettie F. Williams elementary schools form the Bayside Tri-Campus.

North Landing Elementary
Opening Date: 1975
First Principal: Diane Cauthen
Interesting Facts:

The increasing demands for additional housing for naval personnel brought about the construction of 600 Navy family units near Camp Pendleton, named Wadsworth in honor of Admiral Wadsworth from New York State.

At the time Wadsworth Housing was being developed, the Virginia Beach School Board was unable to obtain property near Camp Pendleton. However, the city owned a parcel of land approximately one mile west of the Princess Anne Complex on the south side of North Landing Road behind the Technical and Career Education Center. As such, North Landing Elementary was constructed on this site to accommodate the impact of the students generated by the Navy housing. The cost of the school was $1,265,700 plus $35,000 in architectural fees. It is situated on 15 acres of land.

The delayed construction of the new school necessitated the assignment of the students living in Wadsworth Homes to Princess Anne Elementary. This increased enrollment at Princess Anne Elementary to 1400 students.

In March 1975, the new school was completed and officially became known as North Landing Elementary. All sixth graders attending Princess Anne Elementary were shuttled by buses to the new school. Staffed initially with a secretary and custodian, the principal and specialists commuted between Princess Anne Elementary and the parent school. North Landing Elementary was the 39th elementary school in Virginia Beach and the last school built under the School Board Referendum of Feb. 8, 1972.

Ocean Lakes Elementary
Opening Date: 1989
First Principal: Mike Storm
Interesting Facts: The Fleet Combat Training Center at Dam Neck, Sovran Bank at Oceana, McDonalds at Dam Neck and Pizza Hut on General Booth Blvd. were all Adopt-A-School partners with Ocean Lakes Elementary.

Ocean Lakes Elementary first opened its doors to the community in 1989 under the leadership of principal Mike Storm. The school is located on Upton Road which was a rural, agricultural area up until the late 1980s. The school site was acquired by the School Board in 1987 and construction began in 1988.

Ocean Lakes Elementary is located near the Fleet Combat Training Center at Dam Neck, serving approximately 600 students from K-5. Students come from the Ocean Lakes community. A significant number of students are from Navy families serving at Naval Air Station, Oceana and the Fleet Combat Training Center at Dam Neck.

Parkway Elementary
Opening Date: 1987
First Principal: James Oglesby
Interesting Facts: When the school first opened, the mascot was the Patriots. In 2001, the school community changed the mascot to the Panthers.

Parkway Elementary is located in the Green Run area of Virginia Beach. The school opened in September 1987 with an enrollment of 977 with students in grades K-6. The building cost $3.47 million dollars and it has 67, 567 square feet sitting on 15 acres of land. The outside playground includes a basketball court, softball field, challenge course and an enclosed kindergarten playground area.

Pembroke Elementary
Opening Date: 1962
First Principal: Donald S. Proffitt
Interesting Facts:

Construction for Pembroke Elementary begain in the spring of 1962 on a 12-acre site. The cost of the land was $120,000, and the cost of the building was $776,331. At the time it was built, it was the second school in Virginia Beach to be built on the architectural design of Waller and Britt. Upon completion of the building in December 1962, Pembroke housed 1,100 sixth and seventh graders from the Pembroke and Aragona neighborhoods who were attending Aragona Elementary on split shifts.

In 1968 construction of a six room air-conditioned new wing providing four first grade classrooms, a corrective reading room, and a speech therapy room was completed. In 1983, grades six and seven were removed from Pembroke Elementary and the students were rezoned to various elementary, middle and junior high schools in the area.

Construction began on another addition to Pembroke Elementary in July 1987. Funding for special education classrooms and physical education facilities was approved by voters in a 1985 school bond referendum. The architectural firm of CEGG designed the addition; Duke and Associates was the general contractor. The additional classrooms housed students with severe disabilities, pre-school children with developmental delays and SECEP classes for students with autism. This addition to the school doubled its size, and the 97,000 square foot school opened for students on Sept. 6, 1988.

In July 2002, construction began on an $8.5 million project to renovate and modernize Pembroke Elementary. The modernization project added another 40,000 square feet of space to the existing building that included a new library/media center, computer resource center, art room, music room, special programs room and administrative office area. Construction was substantially completed in December 2004 and the "new" building was dedicated May 5, 2005.

Pembroke Meadows Elementary
Opening Date: 1969
First Principal: Elizabeth D. Sparling
Interesting Facts:

Pembroke Meadows Elementary was opened in September 1969 with Mrs. Elizabeth D. Sparling as the principal, and a teaching staff of 21. The school started out with an enrollment of approximately 250 students. The land, consisting of 14.6 acres, was purchased from the Terry Corp. by Virginia Beach City School Board in 1967. The community, originally a rural environment, has changed to an suburban area comprised of single-family dwellings, townhouses, condominiums and apartments.

A ground breaking ceremony was held June 11, 2004 to begin an addition of 28,000 square feet plus renovation of the remaining areas and a dedication was held Oct. 27, 2006.

Point O’ View Elementary
Opening Date: 1968
First Principal: C.M. Rawls
Interesting Facts:

Point O’ View Elementary, located on Parliament Drive in the Kempsville area, was built in 1968 with an enrollment of 850 students. This area was once a sparsely populated farming area which rapidly became a burgeoning suburban community. Street names such as Overholt Drive and Yoder Lane and a small wooden church of simple design serve as fading reminders of the Mennonite farmers who tilled the land on which the school and surrounding houses were built.

Princess Anne Elementary
Opening Date: 1956
First Principal: Leliah Holloman
Interesting Facts:

The school opened in 1956 under the name of Seaboard Elementary. The original structure had 16 classrooms, a library, cafeteria, office complex and a teachers’ lounge. Originally, the school served an all black student body instructed by a black faculty. The faculty was integrated in 1967 and the student body in 1969. In 1969, the boundaries were redrawn and the school name was changed to Princess Anne Elementary.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, growth in Virginia Beach was moving south with the development of Red Wing, Dunwoody, Red Mill Farms, Lago Mar, Hunt Club Forest and Pine Ridge. By 1985, 15 portable classrooms were needed to help provide classrooms for the student population of 1,150 even though Sandbridge Beach had been rezoned to Creeds Elementary for the 1985-1986 school year. The school zone changed again in 1986 sending 400 students to the new Birdneck Elementary on Birdneck Road.

Providence Elementary
Opening Date: 1981
First Principal: Harold C. Revis
Interesting Facts:

Providence Elementary opened in September 1981 with 882 students. The school was built to help relieve the overcrowding at Fairfield, Kempsville Meadows and Indian Lakes elementary schools. The enrollment has fluctuated over the years starting with 882 and reaching a high of 1,412 during the 1986 school year. Providence lost 1,060 students when Rosemont Forest Elementary opened in January 1987 and Providence Elementary ended that school year with 352 of their original students.