Non-School Division (VBCPS) Sponsored Educational Courses 6-83

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 6-83


Non-School Division (VBCPS) Sponsored Educational Courses

With prior approval from the principal or designee, students may receive a standard or verified credit for approved non-School Division sponsored educational courses in subjects not available to them through the school’s schedule. If the course is determined to be equivalent to that offered in a regular school program and supervised by a person authorized to do so in accordance with Virginia Department of Education policy or regulation, credit may be awarded for successful completion of such course.

The Superintendent or designee is authorized to determine if a private educational course qualifies for and if the conditions for course completion meet the requirement for awarding credit. Unless approved by the principal or designee, students should not be excused from the regular school day to participate in private educational courses.

Adult students or parents/legal guardians of minor students will be responsible for tuition fees, supplies, technology, materials and other costs associated with such courses in which they elect but are not required by the School Division to enroll or participate.

Adopted by School Board: December 4, 2017