Computer System 6-62.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 6-62.1


Computer Systems

  1. General
    1. The Department of Technology (DOT) shall establish and maintain technology standards and procedures.
    2. All users must comply with established standards and procedures.
    3. Any request for the disclosure of electronic information must be made in accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and requested through the Coordinator of Government and Administrative Affairs. The Chief Information Officer must approve requests not governed by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.
  2. Standards
    1. School Board employees, students and other users shall use the computer systems in accordance with School Board Policy 6-62, School Board Policy 6-64 and School Board Regulation 6-64.1.
    2. Administrative forms for use by School Board employees will be centrally located on the Intranet.
    3. DOT shall establish and enforce standards for locking down computer configurations and software to ensure the equipment reliability and data integrity.
    4. Donated hardware must meet the standards as set by DOT.
    5. Workstations, servers, and all other computer equipment shall be configured in accordance with standards established by DOT and may not be changed by the users without prior DOT approval.
    6. Supervisory access for system rights is restricted and given only to select, trained users as determined by DOT. If given to untrained users, this access could disrupt availability of services of computer systems. Therefore, supervisory access must be limited to only select, trained users.
    7. Virus scan software will be loaded and activated on all file servers, workstations, laptops, and other equipment as necessary. Viruses will be reported to the DOT help desk.
    8. Remote access capabilities for the School Division computer systems will be provided in accordance with DOT standards.
    9. No School Board employee will install any patch, fix, or programs without the approval of DOT.
    10. Except as authorized by DOT, no software shall be installed and/or used on School Division equipment.
    11. DOT will establish additional standards as appropriate.
  3. Maintenance
    1. DOT will prioritize technology-related issues and requests for service and respond accordingly for resolution.
    2. DOT may access any computer in the School Division when conducting maintenance either remotely or on-site.
    3. All employees will adhere to procedures as maintained and published by DOT.
  4. Property of the School Division
    1. Inappropriate use of School Division computer systems will be dealt with in accordance with School Board Regulation 6-64.1.
    2. DOT will audit use of the School Division computer systems as necessary.
    3. Procedures established by DOT will be used to transfer or survey School Division computer equipment.
    4. DOT will maintain a hardware and software inventory in accordance with DOT standards.
    5. Users will not modify the hardware configuration of School Division computers in any way.
    6. DOT shall audit (randomly or on scheduled basis) software installed on School Division computers to ensure that only authorized and legal copies of software are installed on these computers. Violators shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and/or prosecution as permitted under the law. DOT shall delete all unauthorized software from user machines if user is unable to provide proof of purchase for the software in question.
    7. DOT will audit compliance with password privacy and other security requirements for the use of School Division computers systems.
  5. Data Security
    1. No user shall be given access to another user's login for any reason. Access to specific files will be granted with written approval of the department head.
    2. All School Board employees and students are provided access to the computer systems and are required to comply with all applicable School Board policies and regulations and all guidelines as set forth by DOT. Authorized non-employees may have limited access to computer systems and are also required to comply with all applicable School Board policies and regulations and all guidelines as set forth by DOT.
    3. Users must logout or power down workstations at the end of each workday and during extended breaks.
    4. No School Board employee shall share or leave unattended any password for the School Division computer systems.
    5. DOT shall automatically create, activate, and deactivate user accounts based on their status in HR/Payroll or student information systems.
    6. Principals, department heads, or the Director of Employee Relations may request deactivation of a user account by contacting DOT.
    7. Principals and department heads are responsible for notifying DOT when a non-School Board employee, for whom network access was granted (at Principal/Department Head request), no longer requires network access during the school year. DOT automatically deactivates all non-employee accounts on June 30 and requires submission of new requests for accounts to be reestablished.
  6. Responsibility
    1. The Department of Human Resources shall ensure that a signed Acceptable Use Agreement form is signed by all new employees as required by School Board Policy 6-64 and School Board Regulation 6-64.1. Human Resources is responsible for maintaining the original signed copy of the Acceptable Use Agreement in employees' personnel folders.
    2. Each principal or department head shall ensure that employees provided with a School Board owned cellular phone sign a Cellular Phone Use Agreement before the equipment is issued to them.

Editor's Note:

See School Board Regulation 7-3.1: Freedom of Information Process/Access to Public Information.
See Code of Virginia §2.2-3700 et seq., as amended, Virginia Freedom of Information Act.
See School Board Policy 6-64 – Acceptable Use Policy.
See School Board Regulation 6-64.1 – Acceptable Use of Computer Systems.

School Board Policy 6-62
School Board Policy 6-64
School Board Regulation 6-64.1
School Board Regulation 7-3.1

Approved by the Superintendent: December 29, 1999
Revised by the Superintendent: August 25, 2003
Revised by the Superintendent: August 2, 2005
Revised by the Superintendent: August 19, 2008
Revised by the Superintendent: June 20, 2013
Revised by the Superintendent: October 6, 2014