Organization for Instruction 6-51.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 6-51.1


Organization for Instruction

  1. Elementary Schools

    Elementary schools will be organized as self-contained classrooms in kindergarten through second grade. Any organization structure other than self-contained in kindergarten, first, and second grades must receive prior waiver approval from the Superintendent or designee.

    Grades three, four, and five may be organized as self-contained classrooms or blocked, depending upon the instructional needs and concerns of the students, with the final decision made by the principal. Schools that use a blocked organizational structure shall ensure that students change classes no more than twice, and have no more than three (3) teachers.

    Elementary schools shall not be organized by departments or use a departmentalized organizational structure. Elementary school principals are authorized to appoint members of the teaching staff as grade coordinators.

  2. Middle Schools

    Middle schools will be organized to accommodate team teaching. Middle School principals are authorized to appoint members of the teaching staff as team leaders.

  3. High Schools
    1. Department Chairpersons

      High schools will be organized by departments. The principal will appoint department chairpersons.

    2. A/B Hybrid Block Schedule

      All high schools will utilize the A/B hybrid block schedule to organize instructional time.

Approved by Superintendent: July 16, 1991
Revised by Superintendent: October 19, 1993
Revised by Superintendent: February 6, 1996
Revised by Superintendent: January 18, 2001
Revised by Superintendent: January 8, 2014