Extracurricular Activities 6-46

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 6-46


Extracurricular Activities

  1. Generally

    Student activities are extracurricular and supplement the regular school curriculum. Student activities are voluntary and do not carry credit toward graduation. They take the form of special interest groups, honor societies, athletic teams and other extensions of classroom work. All extracurricular activities are designed to promote character, building qualities of participation and leadership ability. Extracurricular activities and the eligibility requirements shall be approved by the superintendent and school board as required by state accreditation standards. All student organizations and activities shall be under the direct supervision of the school principal or a designee and shall supplement the regular program of t he school. They should be evaluated periodically to ensure that interruption of the instructional programs are avoided. Students should not be permitted to engage in such organizations and activities to the detriment of their classroom work.

  2. Categories

    Extracurricular activities are divided into four general categories:

    1. Interscholastic and intramural athletics.
    2. Activities stemming directly from classroom studies. Examples are student government, musical productions, dramatics, debate, the school newspaper and literary publications.
    3. Activities designed to promote interest in academic achievement and/or specific subject areas. Examples are the National Honor Society and subject matter organizations.
    4. Activities which promote general educational goals and are school-oriented. Examples are service and special interest clubs.
  3. Access to Extracurricular Activities

    Access to and participation in extracurricular activities shall be open to all students as provided in state and federal regulations and school board policy Access to Programs.

  4. Supervision

    The administration shall appoint qualified members of the faculty, or in the absence of qualified faculty members, may appoint qualified community members as sponsors for each activity. The sponsor shall be responsible for the guidance and general supervision of the activity and shall ensure that all actions conform to school policies and regulations.

  5. Financial Support

    The school sponsored extracurricular activities named in Section A-1 and A-2 may receive partial financial support. Transportation may be provided, or the cost of transportation may be paid from appropriated funds.

    An estimate of funds required for each activity shall be submitted for approval. This estimate shall be submitted by the sponsor of the activity for inclusion in the individual school budget.

    The school sponsored extracurricular activities covered in Sections A-3 and A-4 should be financially self-supporting. School transportation for these activities, however, may be requested. If it cannot be provided, then vehic ular transportation may be by commercial means, or by private car under regulations established for such use.

  6. Permission by School Principal

    The actions and activities of each organization must be approved by the school principal.

  7. Parental Permission

    In each instance when an organization schedules an activity away from school parents will be notified and written permission obtained when appropriate.

  8. Evaluation and Approval

    The division superintendent and/or a designee shall periodically evaluate the school sponsored extracurricular activities program to ensure compliance with state accreditation standards and federal regulations.

  9. Fraternities and/or Sororities

    Fraternities, sororities or any clandestine organization shall not be permitted in the school division. Principals shall inform students that activities associated with such organizations shall be prohibited at school.

  10. Restrictions

    Each principal is authorized to work out a point system regulating and limiting participation of individual students in activities and organizations.

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Adopted by School Board: July 13, 1993 (Effective August 14, 1993)