Instructional Time - Importance and Impact Review 6-18

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 6-18


Instructional Time - Importance and Impact Review

  1. Generally

    The School Board of the City of Virginia Beach recognizes that in the education of children, quality teaching and high levels of student achievement are interdependent and both require and have an impact on time. Therefore, it is imperative that time during the teachers’ workday be utilized to the maximum benefit of students.

  2. Definition

    For the purpose of this policy, “instructional time” is defined as the time spent in direct instruction, assessment, and evaluation of students. It also includes the time teachers spend in planning, preparing, collaborating, conferencing and receiving training for the purpose of instructing students.

  3. Time Impact Review

    To minimize intrusions on instructional time, an impact review is required for divisionwide initiatives or programs that are of such scope that they impact and/or significantly alter the utilization of instructional time and, thus, impact teachers’ delivery of services. The Superintendent will ensure that initiatives proposed by or being considered by the School Board are reviewed and analyzed to determine the potential impact on instructional time. The School Board will be provided with the results of that review and analysis and should not take action in the absence of that impact review. School administration and/or external organizations (such as city government, higher education, business partners, etc.) planning or requesting the implementation of new programs and initiatives, will also be subject to a time impact review; and if they do not require School Board approval, will be approved or denied by the Superintendent or his designee.

Virginia Board of Education Regulations 8VAC 20-131-240. Administrative and Support Staff; Staffing Requirements.

Virginia Board of Education Regulations 8VAC 20-440-20. Contractual Period Defined.

Adopted by the School Board: April 22, 2008