Reporting Incidents to the Police 5-37.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 5-37.1


Reporting Incidents to the Police

Certain infractions or violations of the Code of Virginia shall be reported to the police. These infractions include the following:

  1. Truancy
  2. Theft, vandalism, and arson
  3. Indecent exposure
  4. Hazing
  5. Extortion
  6. Illegal Gambling
  7. Manufacture, possession, or triggering of firebombs
  8. Inciting to riot
  9. Threats to bomb
  10. Trespass
  11. Homicide and Robbery/Larceny
  12. Drinking or possession of alcohol on public property
  13. Manufacturing, selling, giving, distributing, or possessing controlled substance or drug paraphernalia
  14. Assault and battery
  15. Threats of death or bodily injury
  16. Possession, use, or distribution of weapons
  17. Possession or use of tobacco products by students less than 18 years of age
  18. Gang activity
  19. Cyberbullying
  20. Possession and use of look-a-like drugs

Code of Virginia § 18.2-46.1, et seq., as amended. Definitions.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-279.3:1, et seq., as amended. Reports of certain acts to school authorities.

Virginia Board of Education Student Conduct Policy Guidelines 2009, as amended.

8VAC20-560-10, as amended. Reportable incidents.

Approved by Superintendent: July 16, 1991
Revised by Superintendent: June 11, 2001
Revised by Superintendent: July 31, 2001
Revised by Superintendent: March 17, 2006
Revised by Superintendent: March 18, 2013