Admission Requirements 5-10

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 5-10


Admission Requirements

  1. Enrollment Requirements

    The Superintendent shall have responsibility for developing and implementing regulations to ensure that students entering the public schools meet the requirements of federal law, state law and regulations of the Virginia Board of Education and other agencies as they apply to the admission of students to the public schools as cited in the legal references to this Policy.

  2. Part-Time Students

    Students enrolled in private or parochial schools and home school students shall not be permitted to enroll in this School Division on a part-time basis or participate in academic or extracurricular activities, except as required by law.

  3. Nonresident Tuition Students

    The School Board will not admit students from outside its jurisdiction except as required by law or regulation developed by the Superintendent or designee. Tuition fees for nonresident students will be approved annually by the School Board (See School Board Policy 3-22 Tuition Fees).

Code of Virginia § 22.1-1, as amended. Definitions.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-3, as amended. Persons to whom public schools shall be free.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-3.1, as amended. Birth certificates required upon admission; required notice to the local law-enforcement agency.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-3.2, as amended. Notice of student's school status required as condition of admission; penalty.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-4.1, as amended. Street addresses required in certain school admission documents.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-5, as amended. Regulations concerning admission of certain persons to schools; tuition charges.

Code of Virginia §22.1-7.2, as amended. Enrollment of students residing on a military installation or in military housing.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-270, as amended. Preschool physical examinations.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-271.1, as amended. Definitions.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-271.2, as amended. Immunization requirements.

Code of Virginia § 22.1-288.1, as amended. Notation in school records of missing children; local law enforcement cooperation.

Code of Virginia § 32.1-46, as amended. Immunization of patients against certain diseases.

School Board Policy 3-22

Adopted by School Board: October 21, 1969
Amended by School Board: February 20, 1979
Amended by School Board: August 21, 1990
Amended by School Board: July 16, 1991
Amended by School Board: June 15, 1993 (Effective August 14, 1993)
Amended by School Board: May 16, 2000
Amended by School Board: July 3, 2001
Scrivener’s Amendments: November 22, 2010
Amended by School Board: June 19, 2012
Amended by School Board: July 9, 2019