Student Teachers: Placement Procedures 4-91.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-91.1


Student Teachers: Placement Procedures

  1. School Principals are requested by the Department of Human Resources to provide a listing of cooperating teacher recommendations each school year using established criteria.
  2. The Department of Human Resources shall compile a master list of recommended cooperating teachers from the lists submitted by principals.
  3. Colleges and universities shall submit in writing student teaching placement requests along with student data sheets and placement information (e.g., name of students, subject and/or grade level requested, and the dates).
  4. The Department of Human Resources will assign students to cooperating teachers and notify in writing the colleges and universities, cooperating teachers, and principals of the placements. Teachers receive a stipend from the college or university for being a cooperating teacher, and they are eligible to receive.
  5. A cooperating teacher meeting will be held each semester. This meeting provides colleges and universities that have student teacher placements in the school system with the opportunity to meet with the cooperating teachers who will be mentoring their students.

Approved by Superintendent: January 18, 1994
Revised by Superintendent: August 30, 2005