Evaluation: Classified Employees 4-83.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-83.1


Evaluation: Classified Employees

  1. Onboarding

    The evaluation process and procedure will be reviewed with new employees.

  2. Evaluations
    1. Each employee will be evaluated annually by the appropriate administrative official.
    2. This evaluation will be completed in June each year, using the established evaluation instrument.
    3. A copy of the evaluation will be maintained in the employee's personnel file.
    4. Interim evaluations will be at the option of the appropriate administrator unless performance is unsatisfactory. In cases of unsatisfactory performance, additional evaluations are expected with the appropriate copy of the evaluation forwarded to the Department of Human Resources.
  3. Written Comments
    1. If ratings are unsatisfactory, the evaluator will write specific recommendations for improvement.
    2. The employee will be given an opportunity to submit written information in response to the evaluation.
    3. The evaluator is encouraged to include details of outstanding contributions or strengths in the narrative section.

Approved by Superintendent: July 16, 1991
Revised by Superintendent: March 8, 2021