Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect 4-68.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-68.1


Child Abuse or Neglect

Regulations governing child abuse or neglect allegations are designated below.

  1. An abused or neglected child is defined in Code of Virginia §16.1-288, as amended and is summarized herein as any child less than eighteen (18) years of age whose parent or any person responsible for the child’s care:
    1. Causes or threatens to cause a nonaccidental physical or mental injury;
    2. Neglects or refuses to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, emotional nurturing, or health care;
    3. Abandons the child;
    4. Commits or allows to be committed any illegal sexual act upon a child, including incest, rape indecent exposure, prostitution, or allows a child to be used in any sexually explicit material;
    5. Neglects or refuses to provide adequate supervision in relation to a child’s age and level of development;
    6. Knowingly leaves a child alone in the same dwelling with a person, not related by blood or marriage, who has been convicted of an offense against a minor for which registration is required as a violent sexual offender.
  2. Any teacher or other person employed by the School Board will report any cases of suspected child abuse or neglect immediately to the principal. Principals shall then immediately report such incidents of suspected abuse or neglect to the local Department of Social Services and allow Child Protective Services authorities to determine the necessity of a child abuse investigation. If the person suspected of the abuse is the principal, the report shall be made to the Department of School Leadership or directly to the Virginia Beach Department of Social Services. All required reports of suspected child abuse or neglect must be made as soon as possible but not longer than twenty four (24) hours after having reason to suspect a reportable offense. Failure to make such report may result in a fine or criminal conviction as well as disciplinary action by the School Division up to and including dismissal.
  3. When the person suspected of abuse is an employee of the School Board, an investigation will also be conducted by the Department of Human Resources and Child Protective Services jointly. Employees found guilty of such conduct or who have a founded case of neglect or abuse will be recommended for termination.

Code of Virginia, § 16.1-228, as amended. Definitions.

Code of Virginia, § 22.1-279.1, as amended. Corporal punishment prohibited.

Code of Virginia, § 63.2-1509, as amended. Requirement that certain injuries to children be reported by physicians, nurses, teachers, etc., to report certain injuries to children; penalty for failure to report.

Code of Virginia, § 63.2-1511, as amended. Complaints of abuse and neglect against school personnel; interagency agreement.

Approved by Superintendent: July 16, 1991
Revised by Superintendent: August 18, 1992
Revised by Superintendent: March 8, 2006
Revised by Superintendent: November 3, 2021