School Volunteering/Student Related Activities 4-44.4

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-44.4


School Volunteering/Student Related Activities

This Regulation provides guidelines to permit paid administrative leave to allow employees the opportunity to volunteer in a VBCPS school or participate in a student-related activity.

  1. Conditions
    1. Employees may be granted paid administrative leave up to the hourly equivalent of two (2) workdays per school year to perform school volunteer work or attend student related activities approved by a school administrator to assist a VBCPS elementary school, middle school, or high school. Examples may include:
      1. Meeting with a teacher concerning a child for whom the employee has legal custody
      2. Volunteering in a classroom
      3. Chaperoning a school field trip
      4. Collecting items, then filling and distributing back-to-school packs
      5. Participating in a school beautification project
      6. Tutoring a group of students in an academic subject
      7. Volunteering computer skills to school newsletters or web sites
      8. Assisting with an extracurricular club
      9. Assisting with a faculty/staff recognition event.
  2. Approval
    1. Employees must submit leave requests at least one week in advance and must receive approval from their supervisors prior to using this leave. Supervisors have the discretion to disapprove or rescind leave if it would significantly impact operations.
    2. Volunteer time should not conflict with the peak work schedule and other work-related responsibilities, create the need for overtime, or cause conflicts with other employees' schedules.
    3. Leave can be denied for good and just cause, including but not limited to, a high absenteeism rate.
    4. Supervisors may require written verification from an official of the service organization for use of leave under this Regulation. If the leave is used for school assistance, written verification should be from a school administrator.
  3. Leave Availability
    1. This leave shall be recorded as paid administrative leave. The leave may be taken in increments of one hour.
    2. Leave not taken under this Regulation cannot be carried forward to the next year.
    3. There will be no payment for unused leave upon employees' separation from employment.
    4. This Regulation does not apply to employees on a leave of absence of any kind.
    5. Any employee on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is not eligible to take leave under this Regulation.

Adopted by Superintendent: June 17, 2020 to be effective July 1, 2020