Suspensions and Administrative Leave 4-17.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-17.1


Suspensions and Administrative Leave

  1. Disciplinary Suspensions

    Disciplinary suspensions without pay as a result of founded misconduct or unsatisfactory work performance must be approved by the Chief Human Resources Officer. Such suspensions are grievable in accordance with regulations 4-3.1 and 4-3.2.

  2. Administrative Leave

    An employee may be temporarily relieved of their duties pending an investigation into an allegation of employee misconduct or unsatisfactory work performance. This leave shall be with pay and is not to be considered disciplinary in nature.

    1. Procedures
      1. The principal or department head who has supervisory authority over an employee may place the employee on paid administrative leave up to one full workday. The employee should be provided a verbal reason for the action.
      2. The principal or department head shall, within twenty-four hours from the time of removing the employee, inform the Director of Employee Relations of the action taken. The Chief Human Resources Officer shall determine whether to extend the administrative leave beyond the one workday. The Director of Employee Relations shall notify the employee in writing of the administrative leave.
      3. The employee shall remain on administrative leave until the investigation into alleged misconduct or unsatisfactory performance has been concluded and sufficient facts have been gathered. Conditions of administrative leave will be set by the Office of Employee Relations. Employees on administrative leave must remain available to meet or conference with administrators, or return to work during normal work days and hours. Employees must take sick or annual leave if they are not available during normal work days or hours.
      4. The Office of Employee Relations will notify the principal or department head if/when the employee is authorized to return. The principal or department head should meet with the employee upon his/her return to discuss the outcome of the investigation and issue any disciplinary action if appropriate.
  3. Investigatory Suspensions without Pay

    In specific situations, as defined in School Board Policy 4-17, an employee may be suspended without pay in lieu of administrative leave. Suspensions without pay must be approved by the Chief Human Resources Officer. The Director of Employee Relations shall notify the employee in writing of the suspension without pay and inform the employee of his/her rights pursuant to Policy 4-17.

School Board Regulation 4-3.1
School Board Regulation 4-3.2
School Board Policy 4-17

Approved by Superintendent: January 18, 1994
Revised by the Superintendent: October 29, 2020