Transportation and Non-Transportation Zones 3-77.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 3-77.1


Transportation and Non-Transportation Zones

Regulations pertaining to transportation and non-transportation zones are specified below.

  1. Transportation Zones
    1. Principals will have and be familiar with a map of the school's attendance zone.
    2. The principal will, in conjunction with the Office of Transportation Services, identify appropriate transportation zones in which students will be provided School Board transportation to school.
  2. Non-Transportation Zones
    1. Non-transportation zones may be established within an individual school attendance zone. Maximum limits for zones in which transportation will not be provided are as follows:
      1. Elementary Schools-not to exceed 1.0 miles in any direction from the school; and
      2. Secondary Schools-not to exceed 1.5 miles in any direction from the school.
    2. The Director of Transportation Services, will assemble a Hazardous Investigation Team with membership from the Virginia Beach Police Department, the Virginia Beach Traffic Engineering Department, and the Office of Transportation Services to periodically review non-transportation zones.
    3. A request to establish, alter, or eliminate a non-transportation zone shall be submitted in writing to the Director of Transportation Services for review and recommendation by the Hazardous Investigation Team to the Director of Transportation Services.
    4. Students who live within an established non-transportation zone will not be transported by a school bus. Any exceptions will be approved by the Chief Operations Officer, Division Services.

Approved by Superintendent: July 16, 1991
Approved by Superintendent: April 3, 2001
Scrivener’s Amendments: May 23, 2014