Security of Buildings and Grounds 3-64

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 3-64


Security of Buildings and Grounds

  1. Generally

    In order to help ensure the security of school property from vandalism, the school board requires that:

    1. Dusk-to-dawn and outside lights be installed where most needed.
    2. Metal doors and screened doors and windows be installed where advisable.
    3. Panic hardware be installed where required by the State Fire Marshall.
    4. Persons apprehended for acts of vandalism may be subject to prosecution.
  2. Employees' Responsibilities

    School Board employees shall check to make sure that their work area is closed and locked before leaving for the day. School vehicles are to have the keys removed from them and have the doors locked after parking the vehicle. All money and other valuables are to be kept in a secure place, preferably a bank or safe.

  3. Building Checks

    Building checks are to be made at such times as is necessary or required by the Superintendent or designee. A building check shall consist of:

    1. Checking all entrances to the building to determine that they are secure.
    2. Checking all boilers to see that they are functioning properly.
    3. Checking for running water.
    4. Checking internal areas - audiovisual storage, office areas, and kitchen.

    The building check is to be accomplished by the head day or head night custodian.

Editor's Note

For additional information please see the Office of Safe Schools website.

School Board Policy 3-65

Adopted by School Board: February 16, 1993
Amended by School Board: July 20, 2021