Procurement of Professional Architectural and Engineering Services 3-39

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 3-39


Competitive Negotiations/Awards: Procurement of Professional Architectural and Engineering Services

  1. Generally

    It shall be the policy of the School Board to announce projects, select consultants and negotiate agreements for architectural and engineering services on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualification for services required and at fair and reasonable fees in conformity with the Virginia Public Procurement Act.

  2. Definition

    Architectural or engineering services are those professional consulting services associated with research, development, design and construction, alteration, or repair of real property, as well as incidental services that members of these professions and those in their employ may logically or justifiably perform including, but not limited to, studies, investigations, surveys, evaluations, consultations, planning, programming, conceptual designs, plans and specifications, cost estimates, inspections, and other related services.

  3. Announcement of projects

    The School Board may announce projects which require architectural or engineering services to qualified firms by publicizing descriptions periodically in applicable media resources or other appropriate means. Factors to be considered for selection purposes shall be communicated in the project announcement.

  4. Administrative Review: Expressions of Interest

    A review shall be conducted by staff designated by the Executive Director of Facilities Services of all firms responding to determine those firms best qualified for the services desired. A minimum of three firms shall be selected for interview from among those responding or on file.

  5. Composition of Interview Committee

    The interview, for selection purposes, shall be performed by school staff employees to include five (5) individuals. The staff employees shall consist of the Superintendent's designee who will not be a member of the Office of Facilities Services, the Executive Director of Facilities Services , the Staff Architect and two individuals designated by the Executive Director of Facilities Services.

  6. Factors to be considered.

    Factors to be considered for selection purposes are as follows:

    1. The expressed desire of the firm to perform the services.
    2. Professional qualifications of the staff or design team to be assigned to this project.
    3. The extent of specialized experience of the firm in the type of work required.
    4. The capacity of the firm to accomplish the work in the required time.
    5. The degree of familiarity of the firm and the particular project requirements.
    6. Past performance of the firm on similar projects in general and school board projects in particular.
    7. Experience and qualification of any consultants to be used by the architect and engineer.
    8. Current work volume that will affect the ability to complete the work in the required time frame.
    9. Evidence of cost control effectiveness.
    10. Familiarity with sustainability practices.
  7. Negotiations

    Negotiations of the agreement shall be initiated with the number-one ranked firm only, and shall be conducted by the Superintendent or designee and support staff, when appropriate. Should satisfactory terms fail to be reached, negotiations with that firm shall be terminated and initiated with a second, then subsequent ranked firms, until a satisfactory agreement is reached.

    Negotiations shall be based on a definitive scope of work and period of performance with attendant manpower, material, and service estimates. Established fee schedules or curves shall be used for comparative purposes only, and not as a basis of justification of any proposed fee.

  8. Award

    After an agreement has been negotiated, and upon approval of the Superintendent or designee, the selected firm shall be recommended to the School Board for final approval. Architectural and engineering agreements shall be executed by the Superintendent or designee.

  9. Performance Evaluation

    Upon completion of the project, an evaluation of the performance of the architectural and engineering firm may be placed on file to indicate excellence or deficiencies in the service rendered. This information shall be maintained on file for reference purposes in future project awards. Further, it shall be open for review by the subject firm who may tender any observance felt to be appropriate as a matter of record in such files.

  10. Exclusions

    The foregoing procedures do not apply to:

    1. Contracts involving estimated fees of less than $30,000.
    2. Contracts of an emergency nature.
  11. Definitions and Procedures for Exclusions

    A definition of "emergency"; procedures to be followed in the case of an emergency; procedures to be followed for small purchases of professional services and procedures to be followed for "sole source" purchases are found in School Board Policy 3-32 and the Virginia Public Procurement Act.

Code of Virginia. § 2.2-4303 G and H, as amended. Methods of procurement.

School Board Policy 3-32

Adopted by School Board: January 21, 1992
Amended by School Board: February 16, 1993
Amended by School Board: November 16, 1993
Amended by School Board: August 16, 1994
Amended by School Board: February 19, 2002
Amended by School Board: May 28, 2002
Amended by School Board: May 16, 2017