Superintendent's Communication Plan Regulation 2-15.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 2-15.1


Superintendent's Communication Plan

The Superintendent will initiate and encourage effective communications and community involvement through comprehensive outreaches designed to inform and/or engage employees, students, and citizens. Strategies such as face-to-face meetings, newsletters, direct mail, technological/interactive electronic communications will provide opportunities for sharing ideas, opinions, and information on education-related topics.

  1. Employee Suggestions

    Employees with suggestions for changes and improvements in the School Division are encouraged to submit written suggestions to their immediate supervisor or to the department head in charge of the operation upon which they are commenting. Suggestions also may be submitted via School Division-sponsored communications tools, such as the Employee Input Process, on-line opinion board and discussion groups, project/program-specific surveys, and focus groups or forums established to gather employee feedback. Anonymous and inappropriate correspondence will be destroyed in accordance with applicable law or regulation. The immediate supervisor or the appropriate department head will acknowledge written suggestions.

  2. School-Specific Issues

    An employee with a grievable concern shall follow School Board Policy 4-3 and School Board Regulation 4-3.1.

    An employee with a school-specific nongrievable concern may address the matter with his/her principal or submit it as a meeting agenda item for the Principal’s Advisory Committee. Concerns regarding student achievement, working conditions, or school safety should be referred to the Principal’s Advisory Committee.

  3. Departmental Issues

    An employee with a nongrievable concern may put his/her concern in writing to the administrative officer immediately in charge of the area in which the concern pertains. The administrator shall review the concern and respond in writing. If the employee submitting the concern is not satisfied with the response, the matter may be referred to the next higher authority with successive steps to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall have final authority on the matter.

  4. Personnel Issues

    An individual employee with a nongrievable personnel concern should meet first with his/her immediate supervisor to present his/her concern. If the concern is not resolved, the employee may refer his/her concern in writing to the Chief Human Resources Officer. The Chief Human Resources Officer or designee shall review the concern and respond in writing. If the employee is not satisfied with the response, the employee may refer the concern to the Superintendent, who will have the final authority on the matter. Employee personnel issues related to sexual harassment or the Americans with Disabilities Act are addressed in separate School Board policies.

  5. Financial Abuse, Waste and Fraud

    Fraud detection and reporting are important to any system of fraud prevention and deterrence. Fraud consists of theft or deception for personal gain. An employee who has knowledge of an occurrence of irregular financial conduct, or has reason to suspect that a fraud has occurred, shall notify his/her immediate supervisor. If the employee has reason to believe that the employee’s supervisor may be involved, the employee shall immediately notify the Director, Office of Business Services and the Director, Office of Internal Audit. If necessary, additional communication can be made to the Director, Office of Internal Audit at Virginia Beach City Public Schools, P.O. Box 2242, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23450-2242, or by telephone or email. Not all complaints received result in a formal audit investigation and report. While the Office of Internal Audit is available as a resource, the prevention and detection of fraud is the responsibility of management.

    Editor’s Note

    See also School Board Policy 3-46 Audits/Audit Committee/Internal Audit Charter

  6. Concerns of Employee Organizations

    Employee organizations with concerns should report those concerns in writing to the Chief Human Resources Officer or as a part of the biennial Employee Input Process. The issue will be investigated and/or researched and a response will be provided to the appropriate officer in the organization.

Editor’s Note

See also School Board Policy 4-8 Employee Input Process

School Board Policy 3-46
School Board Policy 4-3
School Board Regulation 4-3.1
School Board Policy 4-8

Approved by Superintendent: August 14, 1993
Revised by Superintendent: October 8, 1997
Revised by Superintendent: March 27, 2003
Scrivener’s Amendments: August 10, 2013
Revised by Superintendent: January 24, 2014