Lines of Responsibility 2-14.2

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 2-14.2


Lines of Responsibility

Each employee in the School Division shall be responsible to the School Board through the Superintendent pursuant to the lines of authority established in the School Division’s organizational charts. The Superintendent, in administering this Regulation, shall be guided by the knowledge that the School Board values open communication and free interchange of ideas, and nothing provided herein shall be interpreted as intending to interrupt the free and open flow of ideas, information and assistance among employees at every level.

The following principles shall govern the administrative operation of the School Division.

  1. Communications shall flow simply and clearly from students through teachers, principals and the Superintendent to the School Board.
  2. Employees shall be told to whom they are responsible and for what functions.
  3. Employees shall be told to whom they may appeal in case of disagreement with the person to whom they are responsible.
  4. Employees shall be told from whom they may seek assistance in working out their own functions in the school program.
  5. All employees shall refer matters requiring administrative action to the administrative officer immediately in charge of the area in which the problem arises.

Approved by Superintendent: March 6, 1993 (Effective July 1, 1993)
Revised by Superintendent: October 3, 1995
Revised by Superintendent: December 9, 2013