Management Plan/Goals and Objectives 2-1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 2-1


  1. Management Plan

    The School Board in cooperation with the Superintendent is responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the School Division. Each school principal is responsible for providing instructional leadership and supervising the operation and management of the school and assigned property, in accordance with the policies, rules and regulations of the School Board and under the supervision of the Superintendent.

  2. Goals and Objectives

    The School Board in cooperation with the Superintendent shall provide leadership to improve the quality of schooling in the following ways:

    1. To encourage shared decision making;
    2. To provide educational opportunities to overcome factors of socioeconomic background or preschool disadvantage to ensure that all students learn;
    3. To involve parents, religious organizations, military, higher education, business and industry, neighborhood groups, and public and private agencies in supporting the goals of education;
    4. To develop and adhere to a system of accountability to ensure school improvement;
    5. To establish staff development programs to maintain and improve the professional staff and to train all participants for involvement in shared decision making, effective schooling practices, and characteristics of effective organizational cultures;
    6. To establish and maintain open communications with students, employees, parents, taxpayers, and government leaders;
    7. To establish employee evaluation systems based on student achievement, effective schooling practices, and school improvement initiatives;
    8. To establish personnel selection, retention, and promotion practices to identify and train future leaders; and
    9. To protect and advance the belief that preparing students to be successful learners, workers and citizens is the most important purpose of schooling.

    These activities are to be fused into the School Division’s Strategic Plan. The Superintendent shall provide the School Board and community with annual progress reports toward the identified goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan.

Adopted by School Board: December 17, 1991
Amended by School Board: October 20, 1992
Amended by School Board: December 3, 2013
Amended by School Board: December 1, 2020