Help Us Preserve the Planet


Even the meekest eco-warriors among us can incorporate these sustainable efforts into their daily lives!

Conserve Water:

  • Do not leave the water running while you are brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Don't wash your car at home. Take it to a car wash, they are equipped to handle the run-off.
  • Landscape your yard so it doesn't require frequent watering.


  • Fill up those blue bins.
  • Take plastic grocery bags back to the store for recycling (use a cloth bag next time).
  • Make sure batteries are disposed of properly.

Conserve Energy:

  • Turn off lights and ceiling fans when you leave the room.
  • Buy a broom, a rake and STOP using a leaf blower to remove the leaves from your driveway or lawn.
  • Buy energy-efficient products. (Look for the Energy Star rating.)
  • Replace your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents.

Drive Less:

  • Not everyone can go out and buy a new car that gets 40 mpg, but everyone can drive less.
  • Consolidate trips.
  • Walk as often as you can.

Spread the Word:

  • There is no need to become the family eco-snob. Just talk to people and ask them if they have changed any of their habits to help protect the environment. Half the battle is simply making people aware that they can make a difference.


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