Text Messaging

How do I opt-in to receive text messages from VBCPS?
Your text-enabled phone number should be provided with your student’s contact information at the beginning of the school year. At any time you can update or add a number by contacting your child’s school.

What happens when my number is provided to receive text messages?
After your text-enabled phone number is entered into the system, AlertNow will automatically send a text message to your phone to confirm your request.

From what number will these text messages originate?
All confirmation text messages and subsequent alerts will come from 67587.

I did not receive a confirmation message. What happened?
You should check to ensure that you have provided the correct number to your child’s school. If so, you may need to check with your mobile phone provider to find out if your device accepts text messages. You may also want to check with your provider to see if text messaging has been enabled. You may need to subscribe to a text messaging plan in order to receive or reply to text messages. Message and data rates may apply.

I did not receive a confirmation message because my phone wasn’t text enabled. I have since contacted my mobile provider to enable it. Do I need another confirmation message sent?
No. If your text-enabled phone number was already submitted to our database, you should be confirmed to receive SMS alerts. However, you can check if you are opted-in by texting “Y” or "YES" to 67587.

How do I opt-out?

You may opt-out at any time by texting “STOP” to 67587.

What if I opted-out but later decide I would like to opt-in again?
As long as your child’s school has your text-enabled phone number on record, you may request to begin receiving text messages by texting “Y” or "YES" to 67587. If the school does not have your text-enabled number on record, you will need to contact the school.

Who pays for the text messages I receive on my phone?
You are subject to all applicable messaging charges depending on your service provider. Standard message and data rates may apply.

If I change mobile phone provider but keep the same number, do I need to opt-in again?
No. Once your phone number has been opted-in, it stays registered within the system.