Teachers of the Year

Featured below are the Virginia Beach City Public Schools 2021 Teachers of the Year for each of our 86 schools and one special education Teacher of the Year.

SAT Sponsor A TeacherTo participate in our annual celebration recognizing Teachers of the Year, please contact the Virginia Beach Education Foundation at 757.263.1337. Check out these SATs - Sponsor A Teacher:

View the event’s Program, which highlights the name of each school’s Teacher of the Year, as well as lists the generous sponsors who made this recognition possible.

Adult Learning Center Paula Hernandez
Advanced Technology Center James Barger
Alanton Elementary Anne Douglas Gangwer
Arrowhead Elementary Connie Szymanski
Bayside Elementary Juliann Barrington
Bayside High School Analyn Pangilinan
Bayside 6th Brianne Nelson
Bayside Middle  Rebecca Yaple
Birdneck Elementary Suzanne Rosignolo
Brandon Middle Stephanie McGurty
Brookwood Elementary Kelly Harris
Centerville Elementary Amy Cartwright
Christopher Farms Elementary Kelly Zajac
College Park Elementary Elizabeth Jordan
Cooke Elementary Wendysue Clausson
Corporate Landing Elementary Brita Hampton
Corporate Landing Middle Kelly Lepkowski
Cox High School Jennifer Lanz
Creeds Elementary Sara Nichols
Dey Elementary Alexandra Stava
Diamond Springs Elementary Rebecca Carter
Fairfield Elementary Krystina Norton
First Colonial High School Melissa Disher
Glenwood Elementary Christina Repa
Great Neck Middle Joshua Wilks
Green Run Collegiate Lara Green
Green Run Elementary Yolanda Taylor
Green Run High School Tiffany McFadden
Hermitage Elementary Amanda Stanley
Holland Elementary Katie Karr
Independence Middle Lindsey Duggan
Indian Lakes Elementary Cynthia Garduque
Kellam High Robin Petersen
Kempsville Elementary Adrienne Jimerson
Kempsville High Jenna Filipowicz
Kempsville Meadows Elementary Hailey Bishop
Kempsville Middle Sarah-Ashley Johnson
King's Grant Elementary Amanda Lantrip
Kingston Elementary Stephanie Frisbee
Landstown Elementary Jenine Land
Landstown High Sarah Culpepper
Landstown Middle Jamie Frederick
Larkspur Middle Nicole Berger
Linkhorn Park Elementary Charlotte Schulte
Luxford Elementary Nicole Holdcraft
Lynnhaven Elementary Tatjana Roth
Lynnhaven Middle Megan Sack
Malibu Elementary Kathryn Sanson
New Castle Elementary Amy Wargo
Newtown Elementary Christina Whitlock
North Landing Elementary Dawn Brown
Ocean Lakes Elementary Montessa Reed
Ocean Lakes High Patrick Rostock
ODS Wendy Newman
Parkway Elementary Shannon Stoner
Pembroke Elementary Jessica Arnold
Pembroke Meadows Elementary Dianne Saal
Plaza Middle Torri Butler
Point O'View Elementary Lauren Moore
Princess Anne Elementary Nicole Harris
Princess Anne High Angela Cosimano
Princess Anne Middle Lindsay Thompson
Providence Elementary Molly Loch
Red Mill Elementary Ashlyn Parker
Renaissance Academy 9-12 Joshua Petrice
Rosemont Elementary Tammy Clinton
Rosemont Forest Elementary Susan Stewart
Salem Elementary Christy Flanagan
Salem High Christa Vogt
Salem Middle Emily Hitzeman
Seatack Elementary Matthew Cheatham
Shelton Park Elementary Rebecca Buck
Special Education Annex Robert Mages
Strawbridge Elementary Kimberly Miller
Tallwood Elementary Elizabeth Rodriguez
Tallwood High Rachel Lizan
Technical and Career Ed Center Daniel Ramos
Thalia Elementary Danielle Coughlin
Thoroughgood Elementary Michelle Jenkins
Three Oaks Elementary Nicholas Jensen
Trantwood Elementary Leanne Bolin
Virginia Beach Middle Anne Baker
White Oaks Elementary Carrie Buxton
Williams Elementary Donna Harris
Windsor Oaks Elementary Janine Brown
Windsor Woods Elementary Mindy Ambrose
Woodstock Elementary Anita Wesche