Equity Council

The DEI director serves as chair of the division’s Equity Council, which is comprised of community members, school board members, business partners, teachers, parents, and students. The council meets bi-monthly to discuss equity efforts, needs and actions of the division and community. The council monitors the division’s progress toward meeting diversity/equity goals and provides feedback to impact future action. The council also host an annual student showcase that highlights the minority and gender achievement clubs throughout the division and community.


Chair: LaQuiche R. Parrott, Ed.D., Director, Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Admon Alexander, VBCPS Staff
Sharon Babbs, VBCPS Staff
JoAnn Baxter, VBCPS Staff
Tennille Bowser, VBCPS Principal
Tina Cerja, VBCPS Staff
Lauren C., VBCPS Student Representative
Margie Coefield, VB Community Member
Adrian Day, VBCPS Staff
Mary Dees, VBCPS Staff
Sharon Felton, School Board Liaison
M. Gay Thomas, VBCPS Retired Staff
Anne Glenn-Zeljeznjak, VBCPS Staff
Sabrina Hoggard, VB Community Member
Violet Hoyle, VBCPS Staff
Paula Johnson, VBCPS Principal
Dawn Kramer, VBCPS Staff
Tracie Liguid, VB Community Member
Sebrina Lindsay-Law, VBCPS Staff
Deidre Love, VB Community Member
Jordan L., VBCPS Student Representative

Cecil Mainor, VBCPS Staff
Tammie Maury-Huff, VBCPS Staff
Amy Mccann-Baddi, VB Community Member
John Mueller, VBCPS Retired Staff
Tammi Mullins-Rice, VB Community Member
Lindsey Nathanial, VB Community Member
Chona O'Galvin, VB Community Member
Jessica Owens, School Board Liaison
Monica Parker, VB Community Member
Bernard Platt, VBCPS Staff
Eva Poole, VB Community Member
Michele Powell, VBCPS Staff
Leslie Riccio, VBCPS Staff
Donald Robertson, Jr., VBCPS Staff
Karen Spann, VB Community Member
Arnetta Spikes-Taylor, VB Community Member
Ron Taylor, VB Community Member
Sterling White, VBCPS Staff
Lee Woodard, VB Community Member
Patrick Worthy, VBCPS Staff


Equity Observances (By Month)