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Partners in Education

Recognizing Best Practices – Model Partnerships

Starting in 2001, Virginia Beach City Public Schools began recognizing outstanding partnership practices that support mutually beneficial relationships between schools and business/community organizations. Through a nomination process and selection committee comprised of school and community representatives, each year Model Partnerships are selected that represent exemplary community involvement in our school division.

Model partnerships are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Clearly articulated purpose/goal(s) of the partnership and how it supports the school division’s strategic plan, Compass to 2020;
  • Detailed activities and programs implemented as a result of the partnership;
  • Specific results and the impact of the partnership to promote student achievement, aspirations and social emotional development; and
  • Mutual benefit to the school and students and the partnering organization.

Learn how to establish a partnership with Virginia Beach City Public Schools

2017 Model Partnerships

Norfolk Beekeepers Association and Kellam High School

Kellam’s Pollen-Nation has had a rich four-year partnership with the Norfolk Beekeeper’s Association. The goal of this partnership is to create a hands-on educational experience and resource for students to learn about beekeeping, ecosystem management, biodiversity, crop pollination, farming and honey production. This goal is achieved through an onsite apiary for hands-on learning and partnering students with bee experts, scientists, farmers and horticulturists through the Norfolk Beekeepers Association.

DOMA Technologies, LLC and Linkhorn Park Elementary School

DOMA Technologies, LLC vision to support their community aligns perfectly with Linkhorn Park’s vision to work with the community to ensure students are well prepared to be successful adults and productive citizens. This partner is an integral part of the school community, as evidenced by their pervasive collaboration on school projects.

Bridge Church and New Castle Elementary

Bridge Church started a Kids Hope program which is a national mentoring program that partners churches and schools. Bridge Church reached out to New Castle in 2015 to support students who are at-risk, either academically, behaviorally, or emotionally to support Goal 3 of the strategic plan (Social-Emotional Development). The program motto is “One child, one hour, one church, one school”.

The Adventure Park at the Virginia Aquarium and Princess Anne Elementary School

Every student at Princess Anne Elementary has the opportunity to go to the Adventure Park each spring. In addition to the school-wide field trip, fifth graders have the opportunity to solve a series of real-world problems, both at the park and at their school related to the Adventure Park. Students measure the distance from park element to park element to determine the best option for replacement lights for the park. Students also manipulate variables on a zipline including angle, height, tension, and weight as part of their Force, Motion, Energy unit. Andrew developed a curriculum now available to all VBCPS teachers to supplement the unit and was awarded an Education Foundation grant to keep supplies needed permanently stored at the park.

Military Aviation Museum and Creeds Elementary School

The Military Aviation Museum was in need of some new marketing strategies and was interested in becoming part of the education system in Virginia Beach. Over the next two years, the museum, its employees, its volunteers, and Creeds elementary school students, teachers, and faculty members have interacted in many significant ways, including hosting a STEM Design Airplane Challenge for ten VBCPS elementary schools. The event included a design challenge hosted at the school. Winners were invited to museum, many visiting for the first time, to fly their planes against other schools.

Cisco Systems, Inc. and Advanced Technology Center

The ATC Senior Cisco Project (or CASPIAN) students are provided with an RFP by the Cisco class business partners in late fall of each year. Students are divided into teams where they respond to the RFP and design a gaming network in five virtual Hampton Roads cities. Student teams work weekly with mentors in the classroom, applying their technical skills in researching equipment, redundancy, logistics, budget, labor costs, and more.

Model Partnerships



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