Superintendent's Report
September 17, 2002

Mr. Chairman, members of the Board, and citizens of our community, I'm pleased to share information and provide a review of some recent events taking place in our system, as well as, inform you of a few of the accomplishments of some of our students and staff.

Analysis of our 5th day student count reported by schools, indicates that on September 9th -- 75,774 students were enrolled in our schools. Last year's actual 5th day count was 76,213 students enrolled, a difference of 439 from one year to the next but an increase of 476 students over projection. Of particular note is an increase of 120 students over projections at the elementary, an increase of 156 students over projections at the middle school and a 200-student increase at the high school over projections. The overall change in estimates is approximately one half of one percent.

The Office of Organizational Development continues an active schedule of professional development opportunities for staff. Three hundred sixty-seven new teachers participated in TOCLI (Teacher Orientation and Continuous Learning Institute). Twenty-four trained camp advisors met with new teachers to encourage participation in team building activities where the culminating activity resulted in the construction of a huge apple puzzle signifying unity of purpose and is now on display in the foyer of this building.

The Career Path Enhancement Program for growing teachers from the teacher assistant and clerical pools has produced two more licensed teachers for employment as instructional personnel. To date, thirty employees have enrolled in this program.

The New Teacher Mentor Program is helping to ensure that each new teacher has a building level mentor to assist them in becoming acclimated to the school and our division. There are currently 347 trained teacher mentors in the system that volunteer their services to assist new teachers.

And, the first class of Futures Principals Academy was launched with an introductory session on the power of vision, and a day of team building on our division's Ropes and Initiative Course.

On September 10th, Governor Warner visited with about 100 juniors and seniors at Cox High School, engaging them in a discussion focused on youth volunteer service. He provided a brief overview of his newly launched initiative, the Virginia Corps - designed to encourage citizens to volunteer-- in an effort to serve, strengthen, and unite communities.

A recent Inside Business Special Report entitled "Eye on the Future", featured a Cisco Academy graduate, Nick Stemper, and Cisco Academy instructor, John Nelson. Nick served as an intern at Cox Business Services during his senior year and is now employed at Cox. In addition to Nick, 18 students graduated from our Tech Center's Cisco Academy, 6 of them earning certification as Cisco Certified Network Associates.

Several congratulations are in order. . .

Kudos to athletes, coaches, fans, faculty, and administration at Ocean Lakes and Kempsville High Schools for receiving the Virginia High School League (VHSL) Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity Award for the 2001-02 school year. Ocean Lakes has received this award for seven of the eight years it has been in existence. Kempsville High was also awarded the "Stay in the Game Award" for not having any players or coaches ejected from an athletic contest for the entire year. Kempsville has won both awards for the second consecutive year. Ocean Lakes and Kempsville High Schools are two of only twelve schools in the Commonwealth to be so recognized by VHSL.

Congratulations to John Ledgerwood, Coordinator of Engineering and Technology Education, for being awarded a Supervisory Achievement Award by the Virginia Department of Education. The award recognizes Mr. Ledgerwood as the Technology Education Supervisor of the Year for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Hats off to Bobbie Anderson, Coordinator of the Practical Nursing Program at the Technical and Career Education Center, for being selected as the educator of the year for Health and Medical Science Education by the Virginia Department of Education's Office of Technical and Career Education Services.

And finally, congratulations to 22 "volunteer" volunteer coordinators and school staff that earned certification as Volunteer Coordinators last Wednesday by completing 8 hours of training in school volunteer coordination and management. The training was designed to improve their skills in recruiting, assigning, orienting, recognizing and evaluating the effectiveness of school volunteer initiatives.

Mr. Chairman, this concludes my report for this evening.