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Virginia Beach Schools earns platinum
certification from Virginia School Board Association for green efforts

For the second year in a row, Virginia Beach City Public Schools earned a Platinum Certification from the Virginia School Board Association’s (VSBA) Green Public Schools Challenge, which means VBCPS scored at the highest possible level for the contest.

School divisions earned points for implementing action items such as developing a division-wide recycling collection program, adopting an anti-idling policy for school fleet vehicles as well as creating a division-wide recognition program for teachers and staff who promote environmental concerns in their classrooms. The competition included 30 possible action items in 12 categories. To earn a platinum certification, VBCPS had to earn a minimum of 175 points out of 200; the division earned 190.

“This school division has long prided itself on supporting and championing the most sustainable and environmentally responsible operations possible,” said Tim Cole, chief sustainability officer for Virginia Beach City Public Schools. “To again receive this certification from the VSBA is a great testament to the work and dedication of our staff who strive to run this division efficiently and sensibly.”

The VSBA designed the Green Public Schools Challenge as a friendly competition to encourage school systems to implement policies and practices that will reduce carbon emissions generated by both the division and the community.


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