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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 4-74.1


Sabbatical Leave

A.  Eligibility

On the recommendation of the superintendent, the school board may permit qualified members of the professional staff to take sabbatical leave. The first such leave may be granted after the seventh year of active professional service within the Virginia Beach School System and additional leave after each successive period of seven years of active professional service. Accrued service shall not entitle any person to more than one year of sabbatical leave in a period of eight consecutive years.

B.  Purpose of Leave

Sabbatical leave may be granted for the purpose of study which may include advanced degree work or work designed to increase the teacher's competence, or for such purpose as may be recommended by the superintendent and approved by the school board. Persons granted sabbatical leave shall not accept full-time employment, but the recipient of sabbatical leave may accept grants, fellowships, or remuneration for part-time employment of any type which does not interfere with the sabbatical project.

C.  Compensation During Leave

During the period of sabbatical leave, the person on leave shall receive one-half the salary the employee would have received during the period in which the leave is granted, with the deduction of such sum as may be requested b y the person on leave in order to maintain his status in the retirement system and insurance to which he may be committed. The school board's contributions toward an employee's retirement and insurance shall be based on the annual salary while on sabbatical leave. Social security, state and federal taxes, and other funds required by law will be deducted.

D.  Provisions of Leave

During the period of sabbatical leave, each employee on sabbatical shall be entitled to all the privileges, rights, and opportunities which the employee would normally enjoy if on active duty. The person on sabbatical leave shall be considered for promotion on the same basis as if he were on active duty, and time spent on sabbatical leave shall be credited toward salary increments in the same manner as time spent on active duty. Upon returning to active duty, the person on sabbatical leave shall have the same rights to return to the position he occupied prior to going on sabbatical leave which he would have had by remaining on active duty. The employee shall not be transferred from his position unless he would have been transferred in the normal course of administrative operation.

E.  Obligation of Recipient

Any employee to whom sabbatical leave is granted shall agree to return to the services of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools for a period of at least three (3) years following the expiration of the leave. As an option to t his requirement, the individual shall return to the school board the total amount of salary received during the period of leave. The repayment schedule will be as follows: One-third on or before November 1 of each of the three years immediately following the expiration of the sabbatical leave. If the payment is not made on or before the due date, the prevailing rate of interest shall immediately be added to the payment due.

F.  Selection of Recipients

In order to continue the services of the schools at a high level, the number of employees to whom sabbatical leave is granted shall not exceed one percent of the total number of instructional employees in any one school year. The individuals to whom sabbatical leave is granted shall be at the discretion of the superintendent and the school board. Seniority shall be considered in the selection of appointees for sabbatical leave only when candidates are equally qualified in al l other aspects.

G.  Length of Leave

Sabbatical leave shall be granted for a period not to exceed one year.

H.  Report of Leave

Each recipient of sabbatical leave shall file with the superintendent such reports of his activities as may be requested by the superintendent.

I.  Application for Leave

Application for sabbatical leave must be filed in accordance with the following time schedule:

March 1 - if period of leave begins with the first semester and

October 1 - if period of leave begins with the second semester.

J.  Addendum

When the period of sabbatical leave is for less than a full academic year or when the leave spans portions of two academic years, final approval shall be contingent upon the availability of a qualified replacement teacher.


Approved by School Board:  July 16, 1991
Revised by School Board:  February 16, 1993