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Policies and Regulations

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 3-74


New Construction/Additions/Alterations: Naming of Schools or Parts Thereof, Commemorative Displays

It is the School Board's policy that no school shall be named after an individual. For purposes of clarification, this Policy includes, but is not limited to,: parts or sub units of buildings, such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias, libraries, classrooms, hallways, laboratories; and any other internal areas of a School Board owned, leased and/or operated instructional facility. Exceptions may be authorized by the School Board.

This Policy also includes exterior grounds and related improvements of School Board owned, leased and/or operated instructional or recreational facility such as ball fields, track fields, tennis courts, stadiums or sports facility, swimming pools, parking lots, grounds (obstructed or otherwise), parcels of land and any other exterior structure or facility either attached or unattached that is owned, leased and/or operated by the School Board.

Existing facilities or parts thereof that have been previously named as of the last amended date of this Policy may continue with such name, but no such name shall be changed.

This Policy does not prevent commemorative trees, plaques, memorials or other such ornamentation to be placed in gardens or within a school building as long as such commemorative display does not violate the above restrictions.

Adopted by School Board: July 16, 1991
Amended by School Board: February 16, 1993
Amended by School Board: April 9, 2002
Amended by School Board: September 16, 2014