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03/01/18 Anxiety and Stress in Kids: How to Recognize It, Cope With It and Alleviate It

The incidence of clinical anxiety in children is at record, epidemic highs, and most children experience some degree of stress and anxiety. Today's society places many pressures on youth today. As parents, we need to understand what factors contribute to stress and anxiety, how we can help our children cope effectively with these inevitable emotions, and what we can do to reduce some of the tremendous pressures they face.

Presenter Dr. Heather Tedesco, an applied psychologist from McLean, Va., will help parents address concerns in their family life and show parents how they can support their children if they struggle with anxiety. Dr. Tedesco uses a combination of psychological research and proven techniques to make parenting less stressful, more effective and more enjoyable.

Anxiety and Stress in Kids

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