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4/18/17 Shifting Your Mindset: Effective Strategies for Shaping Your Child's Behavior

Do you ever wonder why your child behaves a certain way? Understanding why our children do the things they do can be a complex and confusing task. For families of students with disabilities this can be particularly challenging. Parents often need assistance in determining the function of a specific behavior and how to deal with it. This presentation will provide evidence-based practices proven successful in identifying the function of behavior and teaching replacement behaviors. Attendees will also be introduced to a new web-based community resource for parents of students with disabilities that contains additional support material.

Join Carol Blackwell and Eileen Ouellette from VB Schools' Office of Programs for Exceptional Children for this informative Parent Connection Session!

POWERapp | POWER Handout | Shifting Your Mindset Prezi | Shifting Your Mindset Handout | Video

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Are you as involved in your child’s education as you would like to be? See what new research shows about parent engagement in our schools.

Whether it is helping a child with homework, volunteering at a school event or simply working with teachers when an issue arises, parents are taking an active role in our schools. A recent survey shows that levels of parent involvement are increasing. But, there is always room for the school division to create new opportunities for parents and the community to become in engaged. We wanted to know how satisfied parents are with current opportunities and what barriers may be keeping them from being more involved. The school division recently worked with the local research firm Issues and Answers to survey parents about their involvement and communication needs. You can learn more about the survey and see the results here.


The number of students who receive food each week through the Beach Bags program.


Beach Bags are funded entirely through donations.

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