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STEM Lab Learning Day

More than 5,000 VBCPS fifth-graders enjoyed a day of hands-on learning at Naval Air Station Oceana during the 2017 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Lab Learning Day. See photos.

Seatack partnership serves up new opportunity for students

Residents at Westminster Canterbury on the Chesapeake Bay donated a new ping pong table for students at Seatack Elementary School An Achievable Dream Academy. Read.

National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI)

VBCPS received a $4 million DoD grant to expand the NMSI College Readiness Program to five more VBCPS high schools. Read.

Try a puzzling way to motivate your child

If your child likes puzzles, use them to motivate her! When she's not around, make a puzzle by pasting a picture from a magazine onto cardboard and cutting it into pieces. Then, every time your child reads a book, or does her homework or a chore without being nagged, give her a puzzle piece. Each day will bring her closer to solving the puzzle and seeing the picture. Read.

"My philosophy is if you show them that you love them and you show them that you care, they will want to come here and learn because they feel comfortable." Read.

Engaging and rigorous learning begins day one. Read.


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