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VBCPS Partnership Expo and PTA Vendor Fair is this Saturday, March 10

Attend this first ever event to learn more about volunteer and internship possibilities, ways for the community to be involved in schools, and new ways teachers can connect classroom instruction to real-world learning opportunities. Read.

Learn more about future school replacement and modernization projects

In November, the community weighed in on the most important criteria for determining which schools should be next to modernize or replace. At upcoming community meetings, learn more about the 15 schools identified based on that criteria and the construction planning process. Read.

Celebrating Read Across America Day

VBCPS celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with guest speakers, reading activities and dressing up as their favorite literary character. View.

Learning responsibility can be as simple as sewing on a button

To be successful in school and life, teens must learn to take responsibility for themselves. They must do their homework and get enough sleep to do their best in class, for example. One way to encourage self-care is to show your teen how to mend his/her own clothes. Show them how to sew on a button or a patch, then let them take over for themselves. Don't expect his/her results to be perfect. Like all skills, it takes practice. Read more here.

I enjoy my job – seeing the children from kindergarten all the way to high school, what they’ve become, what they’re going to do. I think they figure I’m reliable. I’m there every day. Read.

Reflecting on school safety and security. Read.


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