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“Celebration of Service” event honors division employees

Virginia Beach City Public Schools hosted a “Celebration of Service” dinner to recognize more than 350 employees with 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service to VBCPS. Special recognition was paid to 12 employees with 40 or more years. See a complete list of all honorees. Read.

Pre-kindergarten student recognized for her kindness

Birdneck Elementary student Amelia Hardy received a special surprise from The Noblemen, a local non-profit organization, for her recent act of kindness. Read.

Disney Dreamer

First Colonial student Marquis Thomas selected for 2018 Disney Dreamers Academy. Read.

An estimation game makes math a treat

Estimation is an important part of math. Here's a fun way for your child to practice estimating: Get two large glasses of the same size. Fill one with something small (like dry beans). Fill the other with something large (like cookies). Have your child estimate how many pieces are in each glass. Count to check. Then enjoy the cookies! Read more here.

Sometimes at my home and here, I love to act weird. Sometimes I get crazy just to have a laugh. Just something pops in my head. Like, I might sit like this. Read.

Students attended second Beach Girls Rock! workshop Jan. 27. View.


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