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Nutritional Value of Menu Items

View a listing of food items and their nutritional value. pdf (Updated 05/03/12)

Virginia Beach City Public Schools participates in both the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs. The meals that are offered meet the established Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs), student's calorie needs and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The menu planning system provides students approximately 1/4 of the RDA for key nutrients for breakfast and approximately 1/3 of the RDA for key nutrients for lunch.

As a part of the school division's menu planning system, each student may select from a variety of nutritional food items offered. This is intended to minimize waste and encourage more food choices. This system avoids forcing students to take food they do not intend to eat. The guidelines in place for the breakfast and lunch menu planning system are as follows:

  • All four food components must be offered to every student
    • Meat/Meat Alternate
    • Grains/Breads
    • Milk
    • Two different Vegetables/Fruits
  • Serving sizes must equal the minimum required quantities for the appropriate grade group
  • Breakfast/lunch must be priced as a unit.
  • Students have the option of which item(s) to decline.
  • Students must take a full portion of at least 3 of the 5 items for lunch and 3 of the 4 items for breakfast.

Students must be offered the following food items:


  • five food items from the four required food components
  • two servings of two different vegetables/fruits


  • four from the four required food components
  • one serving each of
    • Milk
    • Juice/Fruit/Vegetable
  • one of each group or two from one of the following groups
    • Grains/Breads
    • Meat/Meat Alternate

A la carte items are offered for sale in addition to breakfast and lunch items. Examples include milk, ice cream, fruit drinks, bottle water, snacks, and extra servings of menu items.

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