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Hybrid High School Schedule for Students and Parents

The hybrid high school schedule was implemented at the start of the 2013-2014 school year.

Highlights of the schedule include:

  • The addition of 15 minutes to the high school students' schedule (7:20 a.m. to 2:10 p.m.);
  • No time added to the elementary and middle school schedules, however, adjusted start and dismissal times to accommodate a new transportation schedule for high schools
  • High school students taking six to eight classes with a lunch block daily;
  • The addition of a limited selection of 4x4 core courses for credit recovery; and
  • Increased opportunities for students to enroll in electives and to participate in programs.

Why did the high school schedule change?

The traditional A/B schedule did not offer students the room to meet new state-mandated graduation requirements. Beginning with the freshman class of 2011-2012, all students are required to take Economics and Finance (one additional credit), and the credit requirement for an Advanced Studies diploma increased from 24 to 26. In addition, beginning with the freshman class of 2012-2013, those pursuing a Standard diploma have to earn a Career and Technical Education (TCE) credential (one to two additional credits). The hybrid schedule enables students to meet these additional graduation requirements, to have a lunch and take electives.

How is the hybrid schedule beneficial to students?

The hybrid schedule enables all students to have a lunch block daily, regardless of the number of courses they take. Students take six to eight classes a year, up to 32 credits over four years, and have increased opportunities to take electives or receive assistance in instructional support programs. The hybrid schedule also enables students to more easily recover credits for specific core courses through a 4x4 model, rather than stay after school or attend summer school.

I keep hearing people talk about A/B and 4x4 schedules. What is the difference?

In a traditional A/B schedule, students take six to eight classes all year long, but see their teachers on alternating days.

In a 4x4 model, classes are offered as semester-long courses. Students attend 4x4 classes every day and then take a new class during the second semester. For example, a student could take English 11 the first semester and English 12 the second semester on a 4x4 schedule.

So how does the hybrid schedule bring A/B and 4x4 courses together?

The hybrid schedule is primarily an A/B schedule in which students take between six and eight classes al year while having a lunch block every day. Under the schedule, only a handful of select core courses are taught using a 4x4 schedule. This allows students to recover credits during the school year to work toward on-time graduation.

What classes will be offered on a 4X4 schedule?

Courses identified for a 4x4 schedule will be those core courses that traditionally are “road blocks” to on-time graduation including, but not limited to, Algebra 1, Earth Science, English 11 and English 12.

Can my student request a 4X4 course?

No. Students are placed in 4x4 courses based on previous academic performance, age and credits needed to graduate.

Are AP and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses offered on a 4x4 schedule?

No. The schedule does not include AP or IB classes using a 4x4 schedule. These classes will continue to be taught using the A/B schedule.

Does the new schedule eliminate study blocks?

No. Some students will be able to take study blocks, labs or other remediation courses.

Last Modified on Thursday, January 16, 2014