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Staffing and the Hybrid High School Schedule

The hybrid high school schedule was implemented at the start of the 2013-2014 school year.

Important components for staff include:

  • The addition of 15 minutes to the high school students' schedule (7:20 a.m. to 2:10 p.m.);
  • High school students taking six to eight classes each year with a daily lunch block;
  • Increased opportunities for students to enroll in electives and to participate in programs;
  • A 4x4 component for select core courses for credit recovery;
  • Principals having the latitude to schedule up to six instructional assignments, with all teachers required to teach a minimum of five classes and up to 150 students (in five or six classes); and
  • High school teachers receiving a 90 minute planning block daily.

How is the hybrid schedule different for teachers?

Under the hybrid schedule, all high school teachers teach a minimum of five classes and up to 150 students (in five or six classes). This includes department chairs.

What classes are offered on a 4X4 schedule?

Courses identified for a 4x4 schedule will be those core courses that traditionally are “road blocks” to on-time graduation including, but not limited to, Algebra 1, Earth Science, English 11 and English 12.

Are AP and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses taught using a 4x4 schedule?

No. The schedule does not include AP or IB classes using a 4x4 schedule. These classes will continue to be taught using the A/B schedule.

Will I be required to teach a 4x4 course?

Every effort will be made to assign 4x4 offerings to those instructors who desire to teach in this unique environment. It is possible however, that some core instructors will be required to teach a 4x4 course in order to meet the needs of students in their specific school. The principal will make those staffing decisions.

Why might a teacher be assigned six classes?

Virginia’s Standards of Quality allow most teachers to instruct up to 150 students per week without an additional contractual supplement. This equates to six classes per week at 25 students per class or five classes per week at 30 students per class. Due to budget constraints, staffing guidelines and class sizes may need to be adjusted.

Who determines whether I teach five classes or six?

Principals determine the staffing needs at each high school.

Does this mean I will teach six classes and a study block?

No. Teachers have six instructional assignments. This could be a combination of five classes and a lab or study hall or six classes. Principals make that determination based on enrollment, staffing and other school-specific needs.

Will I lose planning time?

No. Teachers have a 90-minute planning block daily in the schedule.

Last Modified on Thursday, January 16, 2014