Feb. 28, 2017

At the Feb. 28 budget workshop, Chief Financial Officer Farrell Hanzaker shared with the Board that the State budget approved Feb. 25 by the General Assembly results in the addition of $828,029 for the division. Hanzaker also indicated that revenues from the City were increased by $1.2 million due to revised projections of revenue sharing funds.

After receiving that information, the Board considered options for reducing class sizes and decided to maintain the current middle school teacher schedule and approve an additional 40 positions to strategically reduce class sizes at the secondary level. Finally, the Board agreed to include a draft resolution in its budget proposal seeking additional funding from City Council to begin the phase-in of expanded preschool and full-day kindergarten programs beginning in 2017-2018. Watch the workshop video.

The School Board is scheduled to approve its 2017-2018 operating budget and Capital Improvement Program (2017/18 - 20122/23) during its next formal meeting Tuesday, March 7. The budget will then be sent to City Council for consideration as part of the larger municipal budget.

Feb. 21, 2017

The School Board continues development of the 2017-18 operating budget and Capital Improvement Program. Part of the discussion has centered on the teaching schedule for middle school core teachers. At the Feb. 21 School Board meeting, Dr. Spence and Board members reviewed the initial proposal included in the Superintendent's Estimate of Needs (SEON) as well as two other budget balancing options. Board members also discussed data related to full-day kindergarten and the potential costs of phasing in a full-day kindergarten program in Virginia Beach. Watch the full discussion.

Feb. 14, 2017

The School Board met to discuss the 2017-2018 operating budget and the proposed Capital Improvement Program (CIP) 2017/18 - 2022/23. The division's chief financial officer provided an overview of the State budget currently under consideration by the General Assembly. In addition, the Board reviewed questions related to current class sizes, a proposed change to the middle school teacher schedule, compensation and equity adjustments, technology resources and special education funding. View the Board's discussion via streaming video.

Feb. 7, 2017

Superintendent Spence presented the 2017-2018 Superintendent's Estimate of Needs. This budget proposal includes a recommended 2-percent raise for all employees, flat employee health care costs and resources to strategically reduce class sizes at the secondary level. View the video of the full presentation.