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02/15/18 The Twice-Exceptional (2E) Learner

Can gifted students need academic support and be identified for special education services? Can a special education student exhibit remarkable strengths and abilities and be identified for gifted services? The answer to both questions is a resounding yes!

It is this paradox of the twice-exceptional (2e) student that drives both special education and gifted educators to recognize and meet the needs of this unique population.

Join Barbara Kennedy, coordinator for gifted programs, and Jennifer Stratton, coordinator for special education, for an informative, strategy-focused look at the twice-exceptional learner. Attendees will learn about characteristics of 2e learners, how to address areas of concern, strategies to assist the 2e student at home and school and how to effectively advocate for the twice-exceptional learner.

The Twice-exceptional (2e) Learner Session

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